Owners of Tesla Cybertrucks have voiced complaints about their electric pickup truck breaking down after a car wash.

According to an Independent story, the owner of the $80,000 (about Rs 66 lakh) Cybertruck claimed that the truck broke

down after wiping off some sand after visiting the beach, after just two months of use and fewer than 3,400 miles (5,500 km) on the clock.

On TikTok, user @captain.ad uploaded a video of his broken Cybertruck and said that he attempted to reset it but was unable.

Internet users mocked the car, calling it a "tin can," a "lemon," and a "paperweight," and they also pointed out that while seeming bulletproof, it is not watertight.

"What (Tesla) said was, 'It is a known issue in the Cybertruck that when you do a screen reset, instead of resetting in the standard two minutes, it takes five hours'."